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Para-Tan Sound Healing Circle

By Bob J aka Ganesh

(Boston Tantric Meetup December 4th 2009)

merging energies
healing hands and harmonies
hearts sending and receiving love
holy tones dissolving bones
charged auras crackle for a son
many voices blend into one

spiraling overtones
carry us up and around
in a total sound
“greater than the sum of its parts”
all souls touching a fetal god
being born from wOMantra

he, the nexus
magnetizes a matrix of connected limbs
a conduit for current flowing through hearts and hands
illuminating a constellation of consciousness
seen in faraway lands

as salt seeps slowly into sacred eyes
chanting pumps waves of ecstasy through his rolling thighs


from an aural wOMb

shakti flows into his Cave of Brahmin

down his neck, back, and feet

blessed kriyas of kundalini
shock his body into waves of sound
shaking and shuddering
breaking new ground

as humming unseals his heart
he sighs into goddess thighs
protected, comforted, held
encircled in a sacred drone
he churns in an urn of breathing lungs
expanding and contracting as if one

surrounded by a bath of healing sound
rocking and rolling in a wonderful sea
vibrations breach nucleic walls
re-configuring DNA

transformational power is sung in a focused way
a call-and-response pattern from south of Bombay

tears flow freely
origin deep in the sea
snakes named Ida and Pingala
spring to sing “Kreem” and “Shreem”
resounding in an oceanic dream

between Divine Mother’s thighs
under Saraswati’s penetrating passion and watchful eyes
he is pierced with blades of emerging life
shooting into every pore
flowing out fingertips and toes
connecting souls with souls
weaving sinews of cries
knowing dharma without guise
spinning chakras
touching gold
fantastic surprises unfold

a shaft of light tilts upright
circles surround circles
concentric waves roll from a center shrine
rotating rings vibrate up
voices ascend together
cream overflows a cup

liberating love
a white angel floats above
puncturing cells with sound
broken parts askew
assemble anew

within a sonic womb
a vessel sails on waves of grace
vibrating ribs of glee
craft of divinity

power sound “Sau”
summons the living god now
washed with song in a bubbling cave
he is born questioning the need to crave
seeded with syllables from divine beings
he is born awake and seeing

rising from the floor
he rocks in loving arms
safe without fear
grateful to be chosen “the volunteer”

smiles uplift and hugs convey
the newborn god to a brighter day

since Bob heard the bija “Aim”
since Bob heard the bija “Aim”
since Bob heard the bija “Aim”
he has never been the same

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