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Saraswati on Tantra

Tantra is a celebration of life, thankfulness for creation, deep connection with everything there is. Sincere, selfless connection, full arrival of the soul into the body, ability to transmit lots of loving high vibrational energy (prana-shakti) and direct your gift with compassion and wisdom. Love toward creation, no matter what is happening. Total faith.

Tantra sees the world as a physical manifestation of God (Ultimate Reality, Brahman, Higher Consciousness). Everything, including yourself, your body, your coffee and your neighbor are manifestations of the divine. Tantra is a state of being where body, mind and soul are cleansed, harmonized and act as one.

  1. Cleansing is de-conditioning, making your mind and your body free of fear-based programs, forgiving yourself and others at the deepest levels of the soul.
  2. Harmonization means that you feel, think, say and act as one, in totality, that your mind, body and speech are aligned.

Once we achieve inner alignment, we immediately become aligned with the universe. We start living as if plugged into an invisible psychic network, our desires and our capacities come into balance, and the universe starts to deliver.

Tantra is a state filled with the pure bliss of unity between tantrika and the universe.

Pure Consciousness

Tantra is a pure devotion, pure trust and act of love, celebration of God in all of its forms. From tantric point of view there is no good and bad, the world is just a dance of polar energies, all necessary for creation.

The way most people perceive the world on the regular basis is mostly – projecting their thoughts to the past or the future, and never having the courage to wake up in the present. Most people see the world where everything is separated and different, afraid of not deserving love and afraid of letting go. They live trying to feed an endless hole of never ending desires and stop only for a second when the desire is satisfied. After that they come up with something new to feed the hole, otherwise they feel bored and depressed. They are so fooled by this vicious circle, so attached to the process of achievement, so attached to the result, that they never experience just being. They miss the moment. They miss life.

And life goes by. In order to stop this circle and just be, we have to throw ourselves into that hole. We have to get rid of the clinging to our perceived idea of ourselves, our fears, our greed, our ignorance. We need to fully face Mother Kali (The Time), the one who is constantly trying to slaughter our faith, making us get rid of our fixed ideas about our Self, and eventually bringing us to the state of pure consciousness, the state of Shiva.

Kali and Shiva @ Kali Transformation Circle, TWB - London, 2010

In the state of pure consciousness we engage in contact with reality through all of our senses and perception facilities directly, without projections. We see things as they are. Free, we are able to navigate the multiple layers of reality as master cosmic pilots, ultimate captains, feeling that the wheel of our spaceship, as well as our universe is our own extension, our own body.

To get there we need to open our hearts, to become vulnerable again. To seize the reality of the present moment, to reclaim the wonder that we had as children, that ability to get absorbed in what we are doing, to become it, to become a kiss, to become a touch, to become love itself – then we wake up to the bliss and understanding that divine energies are right here in us.

When I salute you, I salute God and Goddess in you. When I touch you with my soul, I touch God and Goddess in you. This is the concept of Tantra.

Tantric Roots and Principles

There are different ideas on when and how Tantra came into existence on Earth. Some say that it was practiced by high priests in ancient Egypt and it gave them a possibility to transcend the veils of the physical world and travel into the Cosmos.

Others say and write that it was Shiva, the great Hindu God, the first yogi, the destroyer and the rebel who first explained the principles of Tantra to his consort, the enlightened Devi, when she asked him the eternal question: “What is this wonder filled Universe?”. This infamous conversation is preserved in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

There is also a teaching which says that Tantra was mostly practiced by Bengali women in India in ancient times. There is a legend that male tibetan monks once met a group of hindu tantric women, and had an epic discussion, which became the origin of Tantric Buddhism. Other sources say that it was the great master Padmasbhava who conceived and brought Tantra to Tibet.

You-Tube videos say that tantra is a way of touching each other slowly and erotically. No wonder that the meaning of Tantra is so elusive. It is almost an illustration of tantric (and quantum physics) principle of constant change – the observed is being changed by the observation, the moment you try to define tantra it escapes, and you have to redefine it again and again.

Once after a tantric workshop I asked twenty people to tell me what Tantra is. I received 20 beautiful and different answers, and it seemed like everybody had a piece of the puzzle. It is this mystery of India and Tibet that penetrates the fabric of Tantra to its core. It is such a gift that something cannot be fully defined.

Hindu Tantra gives us unsurpassed insight into the quantum nature of the world, microcosm and microcosm, male and female principles, ways to transcend duality, utilization of any energy including sexual energy for ascension; great astrological and numerological knowledge. Tantric Buddhism emphasizes Bodhisattva principle of great compassion for all sentient beings and describes highest tantra as the unity of bliss and emptiness, based on the natural state of inner silence, stillness and spaciousness and Snunyata (clear light).

Osho tantra translates many ancient insights into the practice for the modern world, which is almost devoid of ritual, introducing breakthrough dynamic meditations and ways for the modern person to be able to experience the present moment. Modern schools of tantra like Skydancing, Kareza and Source school address other important areas like sexual healing, conscious lovemaking, sacred sexuality, return of Divine Feminine.

Within the context of tantra, sexual energy becomes the medicine, the medium which provokes deep spaces in subconscious mind, healing journey into the unknown. One of the most interesting energies to observe and to work with.

Ipsalu School of tantra makes the emphasis on the Yogic approach, asana and energy work. David Deida is teaching men how to manifest male principle, and women how to manifest female principle in more polarity in the modern world. Every teaching is a bridge for different people at different point in their lives.

There are many ways that tantra can be practiced, we invite you to check out our resources and articles to get a better understanding on the origin of our roots.

In the times of karmic ripening as ours, where east and west are penetrating each other more and more, where language barriers are disappearing and information is flying we are getting messages that we should find a common, universal language and let go of the limitations of locality. This way we would be exercising one of the main tantric principles – the idea that microcosm is a reflection of macrocosm. Our tantra is reflection of the world. And the world right now needs unity more than ever before. As the technology is advancing to the point of the ability to destroy the whole world with a push of a button, we do not have any time to waste on the academic differences, but instead we should learn and use the precious tantric principles to heal ourselves, our parents, our children and our earth.

Tantric Universal Principles


Every part of the human body in Tantra is recognized to be ruled by a certain vibration that is also present in the universe in a pure form. In Hinduism this vibration, or aspect of energy carries a name of God or Goddess. The body of the tantric practitioner is mapped for worship, ascension and blissed. As Ida and Pingala, feminine and masculine channels in the body and in the world become balanced and cleansed the kundalini power will bring the consciousness to the next level. As inner peace is achieved, the world peace can also be attained.

Transparency (totality, full illumination)

The body of a person, as well as the body of earth is holding the imprints of the past memories and old patters that are not serving us any more. As we are able to shed off conditioning and let go of the hurtful memories a new transparent way of being can be achieved. Ayurveda is teaching us that digestion is the main function in the body. If the food is not digested well, ama (obstacles) forms. This ama is the reason for all sickness. In the same way emotional intake has to be also digested well, in order to be beneficial for the person in the learning process of life.

Practitioner’s mind, heart and sex can be all aligned, then it is possible to live one’s truth. Tantrika is naked because she has nothing to hide. She or he does not look at other people as objects of desire or tools to raise self-esteem. The truth is spoken and lived. Partners co-exist in trust and respect, trying to overcome jealosy, secrets, anger and ignorance. They become healers for each other, who are both dedicated to the evolution of consciousness for themselves, each other and the world.

The essence of life happens in contradictions. When you go deep into yang you find yin, when you go deep into yin you find yang. We complete each other and wholesomeness is healing. In tantra the fabric of the world is perceived as continuum. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. And literally this is taken in certain tantric schools to the point when wine and meat are consumed during practice. Nothing is considered bad, everything is energy. It is the attitude toward this energy that be toxic for the practitioner.

In certain tantric practices during the full moon practitioners ate a lot of food, consumed wine and engaged in multiple sexual rituals, while during the new moon they would completely abstain from all of the above. This was done so that the practitioner was able to transcend his desires, instead of repressing them, like it is practiced in dualistic schools of yoga.

<blockquote>Tantra is about absolute gratefulness to the blood, and the sweat, and the tears and to fat as well. “Snigdha” is the word in sanskrit that means oil, grease, fat and … love. So liberating … Beyond judgement, fat is a “Perfect part of the perfect whole” – Om purnam adah purnam idam, just like anything else. (Sri Isopanishad)</blockquote>

Making wine our of viengar, transformation of energy is also central principle in tantra. Whatever is happening is subconsciously affecting all of you. If you catch it, you can consciously direct any force, even a very unpleasant force for your benefit. For example, if you are disturbed by a vigorous unpleasant sound of an electric saw, to implement the principle of conscious transformation of energy, you can mentally direct this sound to destroy your unwanted fat. If the power of your mind is stronger than the power of the saw, you will be able to successfully transform this disturbance. You are not asking for the saw to stop, you are accepting reality as it is, without trying to change it, but you are transforming the effect of reality on you. You are changing your attitude to the sound, first perceiving it as negative, and then perceiving it as positive for something, as there is always something to destroy for the benefit of the whole system, in this case, it would be the fat cells.

Sexual energy for example is used as a vehicle to charge consciousness, rather then pursue lustful egoic tendencies.

As we practice with different energies, we look into ourselves and explore ourselves deeply, we confront all kinds of vibrations that make us vulnerable, scared, angry or happy. Multiple opportunities are presented as practitioners are facing their unconscious tendencies and brining light to them.

This way tantra acts as medicine, an exaggerated mirror, a catalyst of the school of life. This way any experienced, “good” or “bad” is valuable and can be transformed into the path of illumination.

It is important to remember though that this approach can be only presented by an experienced teacher. This path is accelerated and if taken prematurely or incorrectly can only deepen practitioners attachments to his desires. That is why in tantric buddhism, practitioner has to first take the Bodhisattva vow and engage of years of practice, to make this consiouness completely pure in order to be allowed to practice higher tantras.

Full Presence
As gradually we shake off the knots of fear from our body we become flowing and liquid. We start to live from intuition and are able to let go of a lot that is not serving us. We are also able to be fully in the present. This principle of totality, full child like absorption into the process is central in tantric practice. Out consciousness can be so malleable, we can surf with grace on the waves of the universal dance, if we let go of self-judgement and hence, judgement of others. Becoming an embrace, a kiss, music itself is one of the precious gifts that tantra can return for us. As we are fully present with a partner, really attending to what is, the time stops and eternity dawns on us.

Sacred Marriage

Tantra is the marriage between masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti. Through this union comes the essential balancing of paradoxes: to watch how the most masculine becomes feminine and how the most feminine becomes masculine. To experience it in relationships with others and with yourself. To Love and respect this diversity, to establish a loving relationship with Shiva masculine energies that are penetrating the fabric of life and Shakti feminine energies, which are life itself.

This is the ultimate and the most important tantric principle, oneness of all. As we practice we feel the endless reservoirs of cosmic energy, we feel the sameness of our nature, we feel expanded connection with every soul and with One, when the ego falls in love with the Soul, then fearlessness, trust towards the unknown and compassion easily comes in. Compassion is different from guilt, pity or empathy. Compassion comes from deep knowledge of one’s true nature and fullness and generosity of the heart. Admiration and surrender to the divine play of Shiva and Shakti principles in each other and in the Universe makes one free, independent, highly charged and overflowing with gratitude. You do not need one beloved partner to feel connected. You can be connected to all there is. This is the path of Oneness.

I found myself at the end of one tantric workshop in the trunk of a human tree, surrounded by people hugging me, and all i could feel was their angelic nature. We have it in our palette – as we choose the path of total trust, we can bring this nature out, we can share it, we can enjoy it and we can sustain it with practice. Praying for peace and helping each other ascend, while the toll is ringing. So, you should never ask for whom the toll rings, you know, it is ringing for you.

Om Purnam Adah Purnam Idam…

“The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete. And because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as a complete whole. Whatever is produced of the complete whole is also complete by itself. And because He is the Complete Whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance.” Upanishad.

Tools of Tantra

The tools of Tantra are devotion, breath, movement, touch, visualization and sound practiced as meditation. In an expanded way, meditation is full awareness of the process of life.

The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. For it is only through meditation that you can undertake the journey to discover your true nature, and so find the stability and confidence you will need to live, and die, well. Meditation is the road to enlightenment.
– Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

As we learn to meditate we heal ourselves, and by healing ourselves we are healing the world.

These are some of the forms of practice which constitute our methodology:

1. Silent Meditation/Guided Meditation/Active Meditation
2. Asana/Kriya/Locks
3. Pranayama (Breathwork)
4. Chakra Breathing
5. Chakra Journeying
6. Healing Touch
7. Tantric Touch/Tantric Massage
8. Contact Dance
9. Tantsu/Watsu
10. Emotional Release
11. Mantra/chanting/singing
12. Mudra
13. Tribal Dance
14. Ritual/Sutra
15. Sexual Healing
16. Pelvic Work
17. Paratan Sound Healing
18. Transpersonal Therapeutic Exercises on Karma Clearing
19. Psychodrama
20. Creative Expression

Tantra Without Borders in-depth approach and unique meditations will be described in the upcoming book “A guide for a modern woman on how to become a Cosmic Existential Babe.”


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