Technical Support

Alex Gribov wants to help Galiana by building it and helping put it together. He is drawn to Galiana because of the people and the awesome land. He likes the idea of escaping civilization once in a while. Alex studies carpentry and typically makes small things like jewelry boxes. He has handmade a guitar, and participated in building the dome at Galiana. In his spare time, Alex does crafts, carpentry, and plays guitar. He loves computers and the art of sound.

Favorite Quote: “There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.” ~ John Lennon

Alex says, “I wish everyone was more chilled out and lived in the moment.”

Hal Drellich Hal Drellich is excited about Galiana. He is drawn to the healing, wellness, love, sexuality, and well being of tantra. Hal sees Galiana as a wonderful loving community that provides support for its members. He contributes to the community with his team work skills and creativity in terms of building, gardening, etc. Hal has a graphic arts background, and is now currently licensed as a massage therapist in the state of New York. He enjoys landscape oil painting, hiking, nature, and loves to cook.

Hal says, “I wish for peace on earth and for Galiana to become a loving community!”

Marc Israel

Marc Israel is dedicated to this practice from inception to present day. He began practicing tantra with Luba’s meet up group in October 2008 with the 40 day challenge homework and has never looked back. He sees his role in this project as a catalyst, a spark, a witness, a light of hope, and a guide on how practicing tantric principles on a daily basis can change your life no matter how doubtful you are of that outcome. He wishes to be part of changing the world in a dramatic way, and to practice what he has learned with the Goddesses of Galiana. Marc loves seeing the reflection of peace and love in eyes that have longed for change in a world afraid of it.

He is a man of experience, nearly half of Marc’s adult life spent in the military serving stateside and abroad where he learned a greater appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy, the importance of being prepared and how precious life is. The truth of these principles demonstrated countless times while part of an emergency room team in Ankara, Turkey and as a Helicopter search and rescue team in Alaska and the east coast of US.

Currently, Marc manages a database providing statistical data to the federal and state government on the movements of homeless families and individuals from street or shelter to permanent housing. In his spare time, Marc enjoys running, meditation, dancing, yoga, fire circles, sports and outdoor activities.

Marc says, “We are the seed, Galiana is the school of love and Now is the time to spread the seed of love to the World.”

Mark Shifrin is a man of many trades. He is a financial consultant during business hours, but loves to work out and entertain as best as he can.

He helped build the Galiana Dome and is excited to help Galiana because it’s different from other aspects of his life.


Mark says, “I wish it were warm and sunny, and everyone around me were healthy.”

Vlad Kurnov is an astral traveler who touches the darkest corners of the universe with his presence. Vlad has a strong medicinal knowledge base. He has a unique ability to analyze quickly, synthesize cleverly, and make creations from raw materials. Embracing his love and compassion to others, he nurtures and nurses the weak. His thought penetrates dimensions, and contributes with his unique way to help keep things in perspective. With respect to Galiana, he hopes to keep the source of water pure, take out the trash, and keep the fire going.

Favorite Quote: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” ~ Isaac Newton

Vlad says, “The Galiana Project is my baby.”

7 Reasons Why You Will Love Galiana

  • Galiana has a strong Motherly presence

  • The workshops are powerful and life-changing

  • Everything is beautiful, fragrant and delicious

  • Galiana land carries sacred healing energy

  • The heart of Galiana is its loving community

  • You will return to the radiance of your true self

  • Galiana will feel like HOME

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Featured Testimonial

"The teachings shared truly could teach us how to put the past behind us, giving up old unproductive ways and limitations that keep us from the complete fulfillment of our dreams, hopes and grandest desires. From here we move into an awareness of the joy and bliss that is our true nature." —Violetta

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Tantra Without Borders is a part of the universal movement which serves the evolution of consciousness through love. We are helping the feminine to return to love, and the masculine to reflect it. We are helping the masculine to return to love, and the feminine to reflect it. Once this mutual healing goes into motion, more and more of us are reflecting love, we become one and nobody knows where the movement originates, where it begins, where it ends – there are no borders. We hold regular gatherings at Galiana. Go Deeper »

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