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I’ve been to several classes on Tantra and I’ve never found such a place where the space felt safe and the practitioners were competent and skilled. This has both. I highly recommend it. ~Kellee

The teachings shared truly could teach us how to put the past behind us, giving up old unproductive ways and limitations that keep us from the complete fulfillment of our dreams, hopes and grandest desires. From here we move into an awareness of the joy and bliss that is our true nature. ~Violetta

For all questions in the world, LOVE is the answer. You will get this answer here! ~Dan

Others who are interested in going places they have never gone before emotionally,sexually,energetically, spiritually, socially, and physically should come here. I know of nothing else that charges the body, mind, and spirit like Tantra and Kundalini yoga. When practiced regularly it can activate our life force, natural pain relieving hormones and bring an inner joy into our lives… If you think you can handle others seeing you as an extraordinarily happy human and want a kind of everyday ecstasy that can be created anywhere you are, then join. ~Bob J

I really enjoy Saraswati’s perspective and her way of speaking about Tantra. There is an authentic mind-body-soul exemplified in her sharing and her being… I am not brand new to Tantra, but I learned a lot and my experience was freeing, powerful, and very fun. I was partnered with someone new to Tantra and I believe the space that Saraswati created allowed both of us to be very present with each other and have a deep experience. ~Tully

Awesome ~ Shakhruz Ashirov

Saraswati this was awesome. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I still hear the sound of love in my head… ~Kiana Love.”

Great idea to combine the group. Loved meeting everyone. Saraswati, Ron and the Healers what a great combination. Thank you soo very very much. Must admit I was curious to see how this would all play out with so much to do. Wow I was in heaven the exercises, drumming, singing, dancing Woooo!!!! Drove home energized, relaxed, and feeling totally Awesome. My thanks to all for a well-planned evening. I love this groupppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Marc

Saraswati does a beautiful job of creating sacred space for deep work. She knows how to hold safe container for both men and women and I came away with a very healing and soul nourishing experience. ~Marisa

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Insightful, invigorating, intoxicating and liberating are just a few of the words I feel describe this event, a day later. The leader of our group, Saraswati gradually eased us into a new world of tantric practices while being attentive to the needs and comfort levels of each member. Well Done!!!! ~Marc

Amazing energy, great people, mind blowing exercises and exquisite tantric puja. ~Viktor

What an enlivening evening! It was magnificent to witness the transformation of everyone in the room from start to finish. In the beginning, many of us were tentative and somewhat closed. By the end of the evening we were all connected, laughing, felt lighter, were more energized and simply shared in the spirit of being alive! I am always amazed at the amount of energy and heat that gets generated in tantric classes. It is a true sign of my awakening my breathing and all my energy centers. I feel that during such tantric experiences I get to express my true self, and in doing so, I feel so much more free, creative, open and positive. Saraswati and Marina did a great job running the evening… Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a great time! ~Rich

The 6-hour workshop was beautiful on many levels. I deepened my connection to myself, other gods and goddesses, and a higher energetic consciousness. My heart opened more to loving. I had an exquisite opportunity to be receptive to love from several loving goddesses. My comfort level with the group increased. People were very willing to interact with me. They seemed to be more trusting and enjoying me. They were a mirror for how I trusted them more with my authentic feelings. I had much fun dancing out different emotions. That was cathartic. I was thrilled to learn a technique for dissolving judgment. I felt loved and welcomed. I learned more about the streams of Tantra and specific techniques for developing a deeper and conscious relationship to my breath which I am discovering is the source of instant transformative joy. I have deep gratitude for Saraswati who created such rich Tantric experience that opened all of our chakras. Profound appreciation and love to all. ~Bob J

Overall impression: Very encouraging! I feel extremely happy about myself for signing up for this meetup and also for taking the time & effort drive all the way from Hartford, CT. Later that night when I did my 2 1/2 hour drive to Hartford, surprisingly I did not complain/whine/frown about my late night drive… For the most part I am a calm and positive person… However, I did feel more peaceful and more accepting of myself and others… ~Sakthi

This was an energizing, exciting experience. The mix of inexperienced and experienced attendees was a positive aspect. ~Michael

It was very relaxing, sensual, and fun. ~Barry

This was so perfect… Luba has that perfect combination of setting a safe and lovely space, while also really instructing with wonderful techniques and explaining them so beautifully. ~Karen Fitzgerald

It was fantastic, amazing…I felt really great the next day! Saraswati is superb…I love you. Please do many more workshops here in NYC.”~Harriet

Saraswati remains the ultimate strong but sensitive Goddess. This session was such a blessing to me at this time in my life. ~Richard

Saraswati possesses of deep and precise knowledge about Shiva and Shakti energies, and how they interact. It would be good to have such meetups more often. ~Viktor

Saraswati created a magical, giving, safe space to find and be your best self. She opened our hearts to the beauty in ourselves and others and energized the whole group in a way that created an inner peace, which sounds contradictory. You have to experience it. She has a pure heart that radiates love. ~Michael

Saraswati was a wonder guide and spiritual master. Once our energies coalesced and became sensual we discovered how to please our partners and how to ask and receive pleasure from them through loving massage techniques. My partner who is very new to this art form already asked me to sign up for the next one. He was also surprised at how impactful the bells and gong were. ~Debbie Knight

It was a unique experience. It is to be self and integrated in space overcoming the time. I enjoyed the experience of devotion then letting it go! ~Proper

It was a beautiful event with lots of interactive exercises designed to raise energy, as well as live music and dancing. Saraswati and her crew are wonderful! They created a loving and safe environment. It was very festive. ~Complexcarb

The August 1st Tantra puja meetup was incredible! I felt orgasmic Kundalini waves of love-bliss flowing through my body throughout the warm-up exercises and the puja. My body felt all hot and tingly and luminous. It was heavenly! ~Deerheart

This was a very moving experience. The work we did was very powerful; I felt a strong connection with session leaders and the wonderful heart energy that flowed thru the group. This gathering has been the high point of my summer. My heartfelt thanks to Saraswati and her assistants. ~Ric

It was a very peace filled experience. It was my first, so I don’t know what energy contribution I made, but it was something I will enjoy learning more in the future. ~Marly

Exceeded my expectations! ~Alex R.

I was very tired (hung over and only 3 hours sleep!), so I wasn’t in the best shape for it but I didn’t want to miss it. It was very relaxing. I liked connecting with people close up. I wasn’t into all the practices but it was overall enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to the effect of doing the practice for 40 days! ~Ben

This event was rich, balanced and fulfilling on many levels. It was both joyful and playful as well as deeply moving and heart opening. The guidance/teaching by Saraswati was excellent- well thought out, well explained. The participants of this event were great- open and respectful. Blessings to this meetup group. ~Jojo

Saraswati is really great- gifted teacher, very tactful as well ~Olga

We really enjoyed it and will definitely return again to the group. ~DS

It was heavenly!!! Saraswati and Ron did a fantastic job opening the door of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding a hair more with the Kundalini slideshow presentation and yoga exercises. The exercises Ron led were very powerful and relaxing at same time. Wooooo!!!, how do you do that!!! I drove home feeling alert and refreshed as if it were the middle of the day and eager to try the exercises on my own. I also loved the energy flow during the circle mediations channeling energy between partners and sharing feelings is a great way to end the session. Thanks again for a most memorable experience. ~Marc

I am still feeling great; relaxed and smoothly positive from the Goddess Emotional Cleansing/Nurturing Circle. ~Marlene Clark

This meetup was special because the tantrikas were joined by Saraswati’s goddess group and Reiki graduates. What a blessing to be joined by such beautiful goddesses and healers! I had much fun walking on my elbows and trying to whistle without smiling. I felt so loved receiving TWO Reiki treatments. One amazing part of the evening was the part in which I was sitting alone meditating. I felt incredibly nurtured, calm, integrated, focused, and peaceful. As I gazed into closed eye lids, I saw an extremely bright white light in the center of a very black darkness. I recalled something that Saraswati had said from an earlier meetup. It went something like this: “The brightest light is nearest the darkest dark.” For me this brightest white that I had ever seen shining from the blackest black seemed to symbolize the love and hope that is always shining in the midst of terror, suffering, and fear. The music was transcendent and Saraswati’s daughter’s sweet bhajan touched my heart and uplifted my spirit. ~Bob J

That was one of the best love experiences in my life. In spite of a lot of people, the atmosphere was so positive, full of love, passion, good intentions and judgment free. Great Healing experience. ~Dan

Very relaxed and respectful; yet a liberating, open, and inclusive experience. ~Maliq

This was very gentle and yet deep healing experience. The group was fantastic, very honest and open. By the time we finished everybody looked absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this space. ~Tantrika

This meet up was fantastic. All I could say is WOW. We learned a lot of new techniques, I now feel confident in my touch, I know where and how to touch, different areas of the body, how to work with them, how to provide different type of touch, how to start, how to finish. Especially, I loved the “kidney release” touch, inner ear massage, temple rotation and upper lip – totally blissful. Wow ~Violetta

White Tantra Healing Circle nurtures and opens the heart ~Jessi

It was wonderful learning experience. Luba is great teacher. All the attendees were nice people. It was really enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend it! ~Neel

Luba is amazing. The energy was explosive and the ego was nowhere to be found. I’m glad I could rest and share my blank happiness with everyone there. ~Arnie

Absolutely loved it…the evening was very powerful and deeply transformative…awakening such aliveness and love and power. Luba is an amazing facility; love her strength, groundedness and integrity and her sweet love. Was a wonderful gathering of dear souls…thank you! ~Renee Jeffus

Transforming and Yummy! ~Maryanne Savino

Nice meet-up with great peeps! A fun, playful, and meaningful tantra experience! Luba is a wonderful soul, great leader, and great meet up host! ~Paul

Healing and Rejuvenating ~Balaji

Such a great experience to explore from the tantric practice and end with such wonderful fulfillness throughout. Say thanks to my partner and Luba… also nice to meet all who attended. ~Vincent

My first experience was incredible. Luba led an extraordinary evening. I have a new found perception in my connectedness to life and friends. I appreciate how everyone attending was welcoming and encouraging. Thank you for a great night! ~Joella

This was my first time attending Tantra yoga. I really enjoyed the class and met a lot of interesting people. I look forward to attending again. ~Serge

Most excellent. Luba led us through a wonderful, creative evening. Everyone enjoyed the time and everyone I met was wonderful. This was a real occasion! ~George Harter

7 Reasons Why You Will Love Galiana

  • Galiana has a strong Motherly presence

  • The workshops are powerful and life-changing

  • Everything is beautiful, fragrant and delicious

  • Galiana land carries sacred healing energy

  • The heart of Galiana is its loving community

  • You will return to the radiance of your true self

  • Galiana will feel like HOME

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“It was heavenly!!! Saraswati and Ron did a fantastic job opening the door of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding a hair more with the Kudalini slideshow presentation and yoga excercises. The excercises Ron led were very powerful and relaxing at same time. Wooooo!!!, how do you do that!!! I drove home feeling alert and refreshed as if it were the middle of the day and eager to try the excercises on my own. I also loved the energy flow during the circle mediations channeling energy between partners and sharing feelings is a great way to end the session. Thanks again for a most memorable experience.” —Marc

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