Men healing women healing men healing women healing women healing men healing men, carrying each other, carrying each other…

Message from Saraswati

State of the World

We are moving faster and faster now – some spiritual leaders say two months now go for one year. In our life we are now going through multiple relationships; information is being disseminated faster and faster, one to many, many to one, the learning is happening at a geometrical progression, attention deficit disorder is gaining a full momentum, inertias of the world are melting, third world countries who have just recently enjoyed the relative stability of their existence are picking up on the speed as well, while desperate westerners are trying to slow down to regain the paradise lost.

Fantastic technological breakthroughs took us to the point of more food, phenomenal medical and technical achievements, better living conditions for many and also knowledge that the whole world can be easily destroyed with a push of a button. By design, the human race, as we know it, has reached an extreme that we have not known before.

“the west is looking at the east with desperation and the east is gradually losing its spiritual treasury and joining the global race”

At the same time the world is heart-broken. The dream of socialism is crying in ruins, the capitalistic ambition of individual freedom is also going through a fiasco; the west is looking at the east with desperation and the east is gradually losing its spiritual treasury and joining the global race. We still hope for 2012 to change things, the hope is warming up some hearts – but what if the promised prophecy does not deliver?

Is anybody in there?

“our eyes are inflamed, our hands are cold, our breath is shallow”

Our jaws are clenched, the perceptions of our bodies are cut off, usually right in the middle, with no pelvis to be found, our eyes are inflamed, our hands are cold, our breath is shallow. We want, think and speak three different things. Defragmentation of the personality in multiple personas, with each of them wanting something different and having a different voice, glance, and walk is now a usual phenomenon. Every time a personality cannot deal with something, it comes up with a surrogate personality to represent it, and then lives with a bunch of ghosts in the auric field – with a bunch of surrogate personalities, who acquire more power and more voice. We are not dealing with one person in a person anymore, we are dealing with a whole crowd, with a whole orchestra, sometimes, without a conductor.

“We are not dealing with one person in a person any more, we are dealing with a whole crowd, with a whole orchestra, sometimes, without a conductor”

We have seen the Matrix, we have seen Avatar, Immortals, we have seen the Surrogates: we are warming up to the idea that a spirit can be inhabiting a body, and possibly inhabiting the body of somebody else. The popularity of latest mainstream TV shows like Supernatural, Heroes, and True Blood is a definite sign that the human race is creating new mythology, or possibly reliving an ancient mythology, getting ready for a shift in consciousness, whichever way it manifests itself. More and more people are dreaming of new-age jobs, the creation of healing centers, living in communes, and shifting into a new dimension of being all together.

“human race is creating new mythology”

Many people are trying, but few are yet able to come into full alignment. The conductor, the witness, the pure consciousness has to come back – we need yoga, reconnection – the different parts of personality have to meet each other and join in wholeness. Different parts of the world need to mirror this unity, and then the shift will be possible.

Humanity needs a lot of healing. In the process of socialization into the civilized society we learned how to repress ourselves; we are still repressing our anger, carrying our depression, freezing our pelvises – our longing for connection has become a nightly television addiction. We do not know how to relax, how to connect, how to know what we want, how to say “no”, how to live from our intuition, how to make bread, how to cook with love, how to touch with tenderness. Simple things – we forgot.

“Women gained the intellectual power, and lost the desire to dance. “


Women need a lot of healing. Women gained the intellectual power, and lost the desire to dance. God knows, they came a long way. We are talking about sacred spots on television, and the reality of female orgasm, and saying the word “vagina” without blushing. A lot has been gained and a lot of ground has been covered – coming closer and closer to having an equal opportunity with men is truly phenomenal. But the price was high. Women became more competitive with each other, more functional, more preoccupied, and started getting into the mind and out of the heart.

There are many strong powerful women now who are looking for an equal partner – and cannot find anybody. They are too strong, too smart, too universal; they are adaptive, more flexible, and physical force is not needed as much anymore in the household – they think that they have outgrown men.

“There are many strong powerful women now who are looking for an equal partner – and cannot find anybody.”

As she comes out of her mother full of hope, she wants to see God in a man. She tries, and she tries, and she tries and she fails. She wants to be seen, she wants to be met fully, in all of her power, in all of her girlishness, she wants to be accepted as a woman in her full range – she does not want to “out Shiva” her partner. She never did! Going from one partner to another, overpowering them all and carrying their imprint in the yoni, making it more and more difficult to feel anything – she lost her trust in male abilities, she lost her admiration, her respect and her hope; she lost a part of herself.

“She does not want to “out Shiva” her partner. She never did!”

Women became strong, self-assured and also more imbalanced: too much fire, a lot of metal, not enough water and not enough air lightness. Many have a deep trauma associated with their neurotic mother, who has also been imbalanced, and hence they feel a lack of trust towards female energy as well as male. It is becoming more and more difficult to connect with earth, with nature, to relax into the feminine sexual energy of receiving, to have normal periods, to have harmonious relationship with their own children and the circle of pain continues…

Women need a lot of healing.

“After fighting with nature and with god for so long, men want to experience surrender.”


at the altar of Galiana

Men need a lot of healing. It is very challenging to be a man today. Men also want to create, to feel, to sing and to hug. They want to try on the Goddess energy and find their inner Goddess. As it is believed by Krsna devotees, there is only one Krsna and everybody else – men and women – are all his lover, Rhada. Men also want to experience the energy of flow of Rhada, creativity, subtle feelings, softness. After fighting with nature and with god for so long, men want to experience surrender. It is very confusing, and it is very painful. Women are always connected to nature at least through their periods, childbearing and birth, while men can now be completely removed, isolated from every process except for semen generation.

“Fighting is a natural way for boys to express their closeness, their manliness, even their love.”

Of course, generation of the semen is the process that suffers the most in the modern world of disconnection from the body. There is no need for physical strength, there is no need for physical bravery anymore, unless you live in the projects or in a war zone. If a boy fights in school they call a psychologist. A psychologist! Fighting is a natural way for boys to express their closeness, their manliness, even their love. It is not by chance the movie Fight Club had such a response. Men are completely deprived of their basic nature. Instead, their vitality is further repressed by a sedentary lifestyle in front of a computer, fears of sexual harassment and being fired by an elder, who can be a woman and remind them of their mother. The story of their wounded mother who either ignored them or imposed on them, the story of their often missing, weak or overpowering wounded father is a story of a perpetual cycle of inevitable hurt. As they say, hurt people hurt people.

How many boys were able to establish themselves and claim their balls in their family? How many boys were able to take the strangling hands of their overpowering and neurotic father or mother away from their neck? How many boys in America were able to prove to themselves that they can survive anything or be alone, without television, in silence? How many were able to find the purpose in their lives? Where are the manhood rites? At what point does a boy become an adult? The list of questions goes on and on.

Men need a lot of healing.

No matter how virtual we became,
Male and Female energies both
want to be expressed,
understood, interacted with.
Nobody is coming to miraculously heal us,
we need to heal each other.
Somebody has to start
ending this vicious circle of human hurt.

Women, I call on you to become mothers to the fragile men. I call on you to choose wisely but to give mercy. Be the Kali – and slap him if needed, but do not reject him in his weakness. Learn to love him in the range of his whole uneasy quest. Encourage him to become Shiva, support him in his heroe’s journey and do not judge him. Heal your yoni, and with the strength of your yoni and your breasts carry him into the new millennium. And please, stop worrying about your weight already – we have the world’s peace at stake here, please refocus.

And men – you are doing a wonderful job, and trying very hard; go and learn more. Do your hero’s journey, go and work the soil, awaken your raw, primal energy, work on a farm, breathe the air into your full chest, wash up with cold water, go to Vipassana, enter the great Shivahood. Liberate yourself from egoist nature and go back to your parents and hug them. Be courageous in action and gentle in heart, learn massage strokes and for Christ’s sake, find her G-spot, it is the 21st century already! This alone will skyrocket the chance of world peace..

Carry each other on your wings. Encourage each other. Help each other ascend.

Find your core feminine and absolute masculine. Let them fall in love with each other. Let your inner man adore your inner woman, and let your inner woman admire your inner man. Maximize your inner charge.

We have now learned that gender identity, genitals and sexual preferences can be totally different and impermanent.

Try on the masculine, try on the feminine. Become comfortable, strong and magical in both.

The Leela is on – go play. Be both energies, and heal each other, and heal the world – be this and that…

And then not this and not that.

As great avatar Babaji says about the One that is all – Neti Neti (not this not that)

AUMMM Nama Shivaya

AUMMM, Namaha

Let all the beings in the world be happy and free from suffering ….


Mahabaleshwar Mountain,

India, February, 2010

We are here to help everybody who is ready to restore the ability to feel and love, maximize our potential as humans, rejuvenate, heal, maybe even shift to the new dimension of possibilities. Life is sacred. Every moment of it is priceless.

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