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Self-Love Meditation

Most people are not ready to let joy and love into their life as deeply inside they believe that they do not deserve to be loved, they judge themselves harshly and invite the same kind of judgement from others. In this process of practice we gradually learn how to adopt ourselves, how to treat ourselves gently.

Instructions: Prepare the space and time for this meditation. You can choose one of the recommended tracks in our audio section (Liquid Mind would be the best) or some other calm music that helps you breathe easier.

When you set up the space for meditation make sure that the air is fresh. The best time is early morning right after you wake up or late at night before falling asleep. You will need 20 minutes for this session. You have to be naked to do this tantric meditation. Replace xxx with your nickname. If you have a trusted partner on your spiritual path, you can do this meditation sitting across from each other.

Sit with your back straight
Close your eyes
Run naked for 5 minutes as if you were running after your freedom
Stop, sit in half lotus pose and slow down your breathing
Put your hands in front of your heart
Feel the right hand with your left palm, and the left hand with your right palm*
Make sure that they are touching the heart
Dedicate this meditation to nature,
for yourself to find balance, joy and happiness
on the pysical level, mental level, sexual level, economical level
Wish the same for the members of your family, your city, and your nation
To the whole world, living beings and non-living beings
Say out loud “Let everybody have what I want”.
Relax your hands on your knees

After that –
While you are breathing in a calm and steady manner
Zoom into the time of your childhood
When it hurt the most when you were not getting the love
And the attention that you needed
Imagine that you are in a elevator and every floor
Is a year of your life:
Count the floors down until you hit the painful memory
Of you, being a child, little xxx
Giving and funny, and kind
And your wonder, and hurt and non-understanding of why
You are being deprived of the warmth and recognition that you need and deserve
Go deep into that memory
And when you get there

Start touching the face of little xxx, which will be superimposed on your own face
With your hands
Giving him love
Touch your face gently, without any agenda, any desire, any judgement, any critisizm
Exploring your face slowly, caressing it, as if it was your child
Then slowly move to the neck, feeling how your findertips are becoming for sensitive
Proceeding to the shoulders, chest, still remembering that your giving love to your xxx baby
Going down to the hip, and the legs and the lingam, exactly the same way –
with love, and sensitivity, and forgiveness, and understanding
Do this until you feel that you nourished your body enough.

In about a week of this practice, things will start changing
it you.

*Palms are representation of your whole body
When your whole palm is touching the other palm it is like
you are touching all of you with all of you – so you are completely in touch with yourself

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