Ayurvedic Treatment

A bodywork session, which incorporates being stretched and massaged, using specific oil for your vedic type, helps to detoxify and restore flexibility and energy flow.

Ayurvedic massage is highly regarded and recommended as a daily practice. Ayurvedic massage is done more like an art, when the practitioner opens themself to the intuitive flow and works from the heart. Ayurvedic massage is gentle and forgiving. Sometimes, it is called Love therapy.

Ayurveda believes that pains and aches are caused by obstruction of the flow of vayu (wind) through vayu-carrying vessels, or siras. Heat is generated by rubbing which makes the body airs expand and move. Circulation of vayu in the siras relieves tension and reduces pain. Massage also promotes a deeper and more natural breathing pattern.

Regular massage relaxes the muscles, nerves, bones, and the whole body. It aids the digestive system by maintaining the proper balance and circulation of body gases, it induces deep sleep, increases the appetite, and generally makes life more joyful.

In therapeutic massage, the type of massage and the oil used depends on the condition of the receiver and to the season. Ayurveda massage is always done with proper and ample lubrication, such as medicated ghees and oils.

Ayurvedic scriptures recommend that massage of the waist region be done gently and slowly, and the face and the neck should be massaged a little harder, with bearable pleasure. The head and feet should be massaged the hardest, and for a longer period of time. Those body parts having less flesh, thin musculature and certain pressure points, particularly below the navel and around the heart, face and cheeks, should be massaged gently.

Benefits of Ayuvedic Massage:

  • Facilitates weight loss (link to weight loss program)
  • Rejuvenates the body and increases sexual strength
  • Removes fatigue by exciting sweat glands and promoting detoxification
  • Alleviates pain by removing excess wind (Vata)
  • Improves eyesight by increasing fire
  • Strengthens the body (increased detoxification allows for increased input of prana)
  • Increases longevity by creating electrochemical balance in the body
  • Induces sleep and dreams by pacifying Vata dosha – the Wind
  • Improves the skin and creates glow by balancing all doshas and promoting detoxification
  • Strengthens the immune system by stimulating the production of antibodies and strengthening all vital body tissues, giving the powers of tolerance and patience; antibodies strengthen the immune system and oils strengthen the nerves

In India, it is common for parents to give daily massage to children for the first years of their development. It is also common for a husband and wife to give massage to each other. The healing properties of a nice relaxing massage can truly improve every aspect in a person’s life.

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